Coffee with Brian VK3MCD

On Friday (6th May 2016) I caught up with Brian VK3MCD and his lovely wife Kathy at Stirling for a coffee.  John VK5BJE and David VK5KC came along as well.  We had a good chat and compared notes about SOTA & Parks activations.  I had spoken many times with Brian on air, but this was the first time we had met in person.

6 thoughts on “Coffee with Brian VK3MCD

  1. Hi Paul, I always enjoy meeting other amateurs – seeing the face behind the voice and sharing stories. I have had quite a few contacts with Brian as well. It was great.

    John D

    • RGR. I’ll start the advertising of it on the regular sites. Dates are always an issue so I’ll take some instruction on that point, but getting an idea into everyones head is my initial concept.


      • Hi Chris,

        Could be held as a Show and Tell Day, along with a BBQ lunch. Similar to the recent day that John VK5BJE attended in VK3. John and I did hold a practical portable training session some time ago, with a SOTA/park activation at Mount Lofty/Cleland Conservation Park. Despite the poor weather it was quite well attended. Spring time sounds like a great time.



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