WWFF 644 Hunter certificate

Here is my latest WWFF global Hunter certificate issued for working 644 different WWFF reference areas.

Many thanks to Pit YO3JW.

H 644 2016 VK5PAS 162


6 thoughts on “WWFF 644 Hunter certificate

  1. G’day John,

    The 5 el yagi at 16m helps. By the way I’ve just ordered the wire and associated dipole centre kits from TET Emtron. Will have to get together when I get back from NI. Peter VK5PM was also interested in an antenna building session.



    • G’day Chris,

      Yep, a combination of parks I have made contact with from both home and whilst out portable. A lot of those have been the Europeans. Particularly the Belgian, Italian, German and Polish activations who tend to listen out for VK.



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