Fast Log Entry version 2.6

Fast Log Entry version 2.6 now has some excellent features for the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  Here is a short video I’ve put together describing how to put a log together and some of FLE’s features.

3 thoughts on “Fast Log Entry version 2.6

  1. Some good points in that, and slick production!
    I did notice when I opened a previous log (Coorong NP VKFF-0115) that the WWFF reference for the log I was editing (Swan Reach VKFF-0832) that the WWFF reference had followed from Swan Reach to Coorong.
    Further when I open both logs now and I have the VKFF reference box blank neither log shows their original VKFF reference.
    I’m concerned as to whether or not the (correct) WWFF reference has been uploaded or if it has a VKFF reference at all?
    Also I’d like to know why the WWFF reference doesn’t stay with the saved file?
    If this has been addressed previously through a previous thread or forum, apologies.
    I also will clean up my log naming convention!!


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