Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park 5CP-152 and VKFF-0919 and the Trans Taman

On the way home from the Coorong I talked Marija into a quick stop off at the Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park, 5CP-152 and VKFF-0919.  The reason for the inpromptu activation was to spend an hour or two competing in the Trans Tasman Low Band Contest.  The contest has an aim to encourage Low Band activity trans Tasman, that is between VK and ZL, on the 160, 80 and 40m bands.

Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park was proclaimed on the 2nd June 2005, and conserves nearly 143 hectares of Southern Cyprus Pine Forest.  It is situated about 6 km south west of Tailem Bend.  Mowantjie is the aboriginal name for the native pine found in the park, while Willauwar is a plural word meaning ‘forest of species’.  Therefore the name Mowantjie Willauwar means ‘Native Pine Forest’, and this is a very accurate description of the park.  The park was originally known as the Tailem Bend Forest and still appears on Google maps as such.

I set up for around 90 minutes in the park and made a total of 90 contacts with 28 of those being on 40m SSB and 62 on 80m SSB.

For this activation I ran the Yaesu FT-857d, 40 watts and a 20m/40m/80m linked dipole which I supported with the 7m heavy duty squid pole.

This park always seems to be frequented by very hungry mosquitos and that combined with the freezing temperatures of just 1 degree C, did not persuade me to stay any longer than the 90 minutes.

Thanks to everyone who called.  I even picked up another two Park to Park contacts….with Gerard VK2IO in Dharug National Park VKFF-0139 and Marcus VK5WTF in Morialta Conservation Park 5CP-142 and VKFF-0783.

I contacted the following stations on 40m SSB:-

  1. ZL3VZ
  2. VK2ACH/p
  3. VK2PX
  4. VK2IO/p (VKFF-0139)
  5. VK2DEK
  6. VK6WE
  7. VK2ACD
  8. VK2MRX
  9. VK2ZK
  10. VK2HPN
  11. VK2BOB
  12. VK2SK
  13. ZM1W
  14. VK6DW
  15. VK7VH
  16. VK2MOR
  17. VK2AWX
  18. ZL2GD
  19. VK2ATZ
  20. VK6TKR
  21. ZL2CE
  22. VK4BZ/2
  23. VK6VCK/m
  24. VK2ZMT
  25. VK5FUZZ
  26. ZL1NAY
  27. VK2EFM
  28. ZL1YE

I contacted the following stations on 80m SSB:-

  1. VK2MT
  2. VK3XV
  3. VK3MBW
  4. VK4RF
  5. VK4HA
  6. VK5AW
  7. VK3PF
  8. VK3YE
  9. VK3ERA
  10. VK5CV
  11. VK2FAIB
  12. VK5NM
  13. VK2LDN
  14. VK7VAZ
  15. VK5SFA
  16. VK3TWO
  17. VK7GG
  18. VK3BF
  19. VK3HSB
  20. VK3LSD
  21. VK2PX
  22. VK7XDM
  23. VK5WTF/p (VKFF-0783)
  24. VK6FMON/3
  25. VK3PMG
  26. VK3GGG
  27. VK5BJE
  28. VK5CZ
  29. VK3ALB
  30. VK3PMG
  31. VK3GGG
  32. VK3UH
  33. VK2HPN
  34. VK2PX
  35. VK4FAAS
  36. VK4ICE
  37. VK4BZ/2
  38. VK3PF
  39. VK6POP
  40. VK2IG
  41. ZL1AAW
  42. VK3ERA
  43. VK6AS
  44. VK2ZK
  45. VK7VH
  46. VK3XV
  47. VK7PAL
  48. VK3YE
  49. VK2IO/p (VKFF-0139)
  50. VK3HAK
  51. VK5ST
  52. VK3ANL
  53. VK5FANA
  54. VK3BF
  55. VK5MCB
  56. VK3MBW
  57. VK4SN
  58. VK3GK
  59. VK2WG
  60. VK4FW
  61. VK2ATZ
  62. VK2EFM

5 thoughts on “Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park 5CP-152 and VKFF-0919 and the Trans Taman

  1. Hi Paul, 40m band conditions are quite tricky at the moment. I note there are no VK1s in the call list. Yesterday I tried to call Rob VK4AAC operating in a park, I was activating SOTA peak VK1/AC-044 Boboyan Range. I could hear Rob but as much as I tried I couldn’t get a signal to him, even with the 857D set to 50 watts output.
    73, Andrew VK1AD

    • Hi Andrew,

      Yes the 40m band has been quite temperamental of late. This was the first time I had tried 80m during an activation for a very very long time, and I was pleasantly surprised. The 20m band has been the same. The ‘glory’ days from years ago of filling up your log with DX calls from Europe seems to be gone.

      Hope you enjoyed your time in Europe. I followed your posts with interest.



    • Hi Chris,

      I didn’t try 80m during the day but I must do that and see what it produces. The 40m band really slowed down once it got dark. There was very little, if any propagation into VK5 and VK3, so I headed off to 80m where conditions were pretty good. I had not used 80m during an activation for a very long time.



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