Kangaroo Island parks

At the conclusion of the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend (ILLW) I remained on Kangaroo Island for a further 2 nights and activated a total of 10 Conservation Parks as follows….

  1. Simpson Conservation Park VKFF-1098 – 54 contacts
  2. Dudley Conservation Park VKFF-0809 – 47 contacts
  3. Parndana Conservation Park VKFF-0925 – 60 contacts
  4. Cygnet Estuary Conservation Park VKFF-1130 – 53 contacts
  5. Nepean Bay Conservation Park VKFF-1067 – 54 contacts
  6. Beyeria Conservation Park VKFF-1005 – 71 contacts
  7. Lathami Conservation Park VKFF-0903 – 48 contacts
  8. Pelican Lagoon Conservation Park VKFF-0926 – 45 contacts
  9. Lashmar Conservation Park VKFF-0902 – 49 contacts
  10. Baudin Conservation Park VKFF-1002 – 61 contacts

I will put up some more info and photos about each activation in the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “Kangaroo Island parks

  1. Hi Paul, well done with all the activations, many new one’s in the log, much appreciated, especially the 80m contacts when 40m isn’t working to here.

    • G’day Mick,

      Had a great time on Kangaroo Island and I was very pleased to be able to qualify all of the parks. You’re right about the 80m band. It proved to be a real winner at times.



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