WWFF statistics

I decided to have a look tonight at my stats for the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  I’m sitting on 745 different WWFF references worked around the world, and I was interested to see how that broke down per country.

Below is a bar graph showing the number of references worked in various countries around the world.  I have worked WWFF activators in 27 different countries (DXCC entities).

Of course, the most number of references worked is Australia on 504.  This is followed by Belgium with 63, Poland with 37, and then Italy with 32.


The graph below shows references worked around the world (excluding Australia).  As mentioned, leading is Belgium, followed by Poland, Italy, France, and then Germany.


  1. Australia-504
  2. Belgium-63
  3. Poland-37
  4. Italy-32
  5. France-19
  6. Germany-16
  7. Denmark-7
  8. Romania-7
  9. United Kingdom-7
  10. Finland-6
  11. Czech Republic-6
  12. Netherlands-6
  13. Spain-6
  14. Croatia-4
  15. Cyprus-3
  16. Portugal-3
  17. Hungary-3
  18. Greece-3
  19. Ukraine-3
  20. Switzerland-2
  21. Serbia-2
  22. New Zealand-2
  23. Lithuania-1
  24. Austria-1
  25. Sweden-1
  26. Israel-1
  27. Galapagos Island-1

Belgium, Poland, and Italy have very vibrant WWFF programs, and their activators often listen for ‘outside of Europe’ which helps us activators down here in Australia.