A trip around South Australia with Andrew VK6AS

On Monday afternoon (10th October 2016) I headed down to the Adelaide Airport and collected fellow Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Director Andrew VK6AS.  Andrew and I had scheduled 3 talks over the next 3 days across South Australia with regards to matters involving the WIA.

On Monday evening we spoke at the Blackwood Community Centre, Young Street Blackwood, to around 100 amateurs.  The evening was hosted by the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society and was attended by members from most of the Adelaide suburban clubs.

On Tuesday morning (11th October 2016) Andrew and I drove down to Mount Gambier, a journey of around 404 km.  On the way down to Mount Gambier I introduced Andrew to park activating.  Despite the rather inclement weather, we activated the Mount Monster Conservation Park VKFF-0800.  On arrival in Mount Gambier we headed to the home of Col VK5HCF for a coffee and a chat and later that evening we joined Col VK5HCF and the President of the South East Radio Group (SERG) Col VK5DK, at one of the local hotels for dinner.  We subsequently spoke with a group of 18 amateurs from VK5 and VK3 at SERG’s clubrooms in Mount Gambier.

On Wednesday morning we were on the road again, and this time headed to the Riverland region of South Australia.  This was a 451 km drive.  Along the way we briefly activated the Peebinga Conservation Park VKFF-0830.  That evening we spoke with around 12 amateurs at the Barmera Scout Hall.

On Thursday morning (12th October 2016) Andrew and I headed back to Adelaide.  Along the way we stopped off briefly at the Loch Luna Game Reserve VKFF-1723 and activated this VKFF reference for the very first time.  It was then off to the Adelaide airport and a flight back to Perth for Andrew.

It was a great 3 days away, with lots of interest shown by amateurs in our discussion surrounding the WIA.  A distance of around 1,100 km covered in the 3 days whilst we were away.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 7.17.43 pm.jpg

Above:- Map showing our trip around South Australia.  Map courtesy of plotaroute.com

One thought on “A trip around South Australia with Andrew VK6AS

  1. Thanks for your continued fight for representation on behalf of radio amateurs in Australia. It is much appreciated by a great number of us. looked a good road trip!


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