Greenmount National Park VKFF-0218

Our second planned park activation of the day (Saturday 22nd October 2016) was the Greenmount National Park VKFF-0218, which is located about 22 km east of Perth.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 9.52.55 am.jpg

Above:- Map showing the location of the Greenmount National Park, east of Perth.  Map courtesy of Protected Planet.

This time around we had no problems at all in finding the park and a park sign.


Andrew and I set up in the north eastern corner of the park, and just a few metres from the roadway, on a dirt track on the edge of the park.  We were in the process of setting up, when one of the locals joined us and was very interested in what we were up to.  The gentleman remained with us during our entire activation and was fascinated to hear us making contacts around Australia.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 9.52.37 am.jpg

Above:- Map showing out operating spot in the park.  Map courtesy of Protected Planet.

Greenmount National Park is 56 hectares in size and is located on the slope of Greenmount Hill, overlooking Perth and the coastal plain.  It is one of the smaller National Parks located along the Darling Scarp.  It is located in close proximity to the John Forest National Park, our next planned park.

The dominant vegetation in the park is eucalypts such as Marri and Wandoo, along with an array of  wild flowers and heathland along the northern slopes. The hill is steep and contain several breakaways and rocky outcrops.

Mountain Quarry is one of a number of blue stone quarries located within the park.  The Mountain Quarry area is used for rock climbing and abseiling.

After setting up we started calling CQ on 7.144 on 40m and our first caller was Carsten VK6PCB who was portable in the Lesmurdie Falls National Park VKFF-0284.  It was nice to start off with a Park to Park contact.  Next up was Allen VK6XL who was a very nice 5/9.  But despite a number of CQ calls we had no further takers on 40m.  So it was down with the squid pole and out with the links and off to 20m.

We commenced calling CQ on 14.310 and this was answered by Bill VK4FW who was operating portable in the Cherbourg Conservation Park VKFF-1510.  Another Park to Park contact in the log, and a very nice 5/8 signal from Bill.  In some parts of the world this would be classed a DX contact.  But here in Australia, this was just another ‘local’ QSO, albeit Park to Park.  In fact, our Park to Park contact was over a distance of 4,000 km, from one side of Australia to the other.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 3.15.26 pm.png

Next in the log was Greg VK5GJ operating QRP from the Adelaide Hills, followed by Les VK5KLV at Port Augusta, and then Nev VK5WG at Crystal Brook.  Signals coming in from the various parts of South Australia were quite good.

Mick VK3PMG then called us.  Mick’s signal was quite low down, and despite calling Mick a few times he did not come back to our call again.  So we continued on, logging Peter VK3PF in Melbourne with 5/1 signal reports being exchanged.   Next up were some of the Western Australian locals, Allen VK6XL, Bob VK6POP, and VK6ARN.

Ian VK5IS then called us with a low but workable 5/1 signal (5/2 received), followed by Carsten VK6PCB in the Lesmurdie Falls National Park VKFF-0284.

Andrew and I were just about to pack up when Mick VK3PMG called us again, and this time Mick’s signal had come up to a good 5/5, with a 4/2 signal report received from Mick.

Time was marching on, and we still had one more planned park activation prior to our talk.  Andrew and I were happier this time, as we had qualified for park for the VKFF program, having reached the 10 QSO threshold.

I worked the following stations on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK6PCB/p (Lesmurdie Falls National Park VKFF-0284)
  2. VK6XL

The following stations were worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK4FW/p (Cherbourg Conservation Park VKFF-1510)
  2. VK5GJ
  3. VK5KLV
  4. VK5WG
  5. VK3PF
  6. VK6XL
  7. VK6POP
  8. VK6ARN
  9. VK5IS
  10. VK6PCB/p (Lesmurdie Falls National Park VKFF-0284)
  11. VK3PMG
  12. VK3GGG



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2 thoughts on “Greenmount National Park VKFF-0218

    • Hi Chris,

      Driving that distance would be bad enough, yet alone walking. The fella who stopped by for a look, could not believe we were talking all across Australia. He would have been knocked over if it was later in the day and we were talking into Europe.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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