Park to Park 396 certificate

My latest Park to Park certificate, for having made 396 Park to Park contacts.
Thanks to all of the activators and thanks to Danny ON4VT, the P2P Awards Manager,

4 thoughts on “Park to Park 396 certificate

  1. Hi Paul, I advised through Parks and Peaks that I would be activating the Pauline Toner Butterfly Conservation Reserve VKFF- 2175 at 01.30Z. I was using a KNQ7A at 5W into a dipole on 7.144 MHz. I called for 30mins without a comeback. So I went home and got a vertical and called for another 30mins from 04.00Z. Apart from hearing you finishing with a VK7 (?) again I heard nothing. It was so frustrating. I know the antenna is resonant on 40mts, the Pauline Toner park is in a winding valley and the dipole can only run east to west which isn’t ideal and conditions on 40 mts haven’t been good for QRP operation. I’ll have another go when the sunspots improve.

    • Hi Tony,

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a lot of success during the activation. With conditions as they have been of late, that little bit of extra grunt certainly makes a difference.


      Paul VK5PAS.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I’ve just qualified for my Park to Park 444 certificate and awaiting that via email.

    I’m currently sitting on 520 Park to Park contacts. I actually have 658 P2P contacts, but only 520 of those have been accurately recorded in other activator’s logs, so I can only claim the 520.


    Paul VK5PAS

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