4WDing in the Little Dip Conservation Park VKFF-0904

It was now Monday 12th March 2018 and time for us to head home.  After a relatively early start Marija and I headed down to the main street of Robe for a bite to eat.  We went to the Union Cafe and enjoyed a very nice cooked breakfast.  We then decided to head back to the Little Dip Conservation Park to do some 4WDing.  We had toyed with the idea of getting down onto the beach in the Coorong National Park, but decided on Little Dip instead.  And I’m pleased we did.  We were to have a great time.

We accessed the park via the Douglas Dawson Track which is at the end of Beacon Hill Road.  We took the short detour first to the top of Beacon Hill where there is a lookout which offers some great views of Robe and the surrounding countryside.

It was then into Little Dip.  We deflated the tyre pressure down to about 15 psi and headed off down the track, which initially started off quite rocky, but soon became sandy.

We decided whilst we were travelling through the park that Marija would put out a few calls on 40m to log a few stations from the mobile.  Marija was only on air for a short time, as the track became very bumpy and we decided 4 eyes on the track were better than 2.

Marija worked the following stations on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK3UH
  2. VK5ZPG
  3. VK3RW
  4. VK3SQ
  5. VK2JNG

A short distance along the track we came to a junction and sat there for a while pondering on which direction to go.  It was at that time that another 4WD pulled up.  It was a couple from Victoria, Phil and Bianca, and their son Mitchell.  They told us they had got bogged the day before, and we decided to team up and do the track together.

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The track from Robe to Nora Creina is about 21 km.  We found it a little challenging in 2 parts, both of these being dune climbs.  The beach is also quite soft and boggy in parts.  The track takes you through sand dunes, rocky trails, and down onto the beach on a number of occasions.

We would highly recommend this 4WD trip if you are in the Robe area.  If you do decide to do the trip, remember:-

  • lower your tyre pressure down to 15-20 psi
  • If you become bogged it is very difficult to find someone to come and pull you out. It is therefore safer to travel with at least one other vehicle.
  • Phone coverage is often poor so you need to climb to the nearest high point to phone for help.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 6.23.44 pm.png



2 thoughts on “4WDing in the Little Dip Conservation Park VKFF-0904

  1. Hi Paul
    You were fortunate to find some travelling companions. It is good to have the insurance of a second vehicle.
    I enjoyed the post.
    John D

  2. Hi John,

    I’m really pleased we did this track. It was a lot of fun. And you’re right, it was comforting to know we had someone there if we got into strife. It’s a great drive, and I would highly recommend it to any 4WD enthusiast down in the South East.


    Paul VK5PAS.

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