Reach Beyond Australia QSL card

I also received a letter and QSL card from Reach Beyond Australia.

Reach Beyond Australia0001.jpg

I tuned in to Reach Beyond Australia on the 19th January 2019 on 11865 khz.

Reach Beyond Australia.jpg


2 thoughts on “Reach Beyond Australia QSL card

  1. Hi Paul
    Well done on your card from Reach Beyond. It looks good. I have been going through my cards and I have a card from HCJB (predecessor) to Reach Beyond, dated 1975l The signal from Quito was always good. In 1975 we were living i Melbourne and the receiver was a Tandy DX160. When we were in the Kimberley we should have paid a visit to the station – it had been going for about five years then. The antenna farm would have been pretty impressive.
    John D

    • Hi John,

      Back when I was a young SWL I tuned in regularly to HCJB. And as you say, they always had a big signal from Quito. I have a few of their QSL cards.

      Sadly many of the broadcasters I tuned into as a teenager, are gone from the bands nowadays.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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