Participation certificate – 6 year anniversary VK5 Parks Award

Today I started forwarding out the participation certificates to the activators who took part in the 6 year anniversary of the VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award.

The photograph on the certificate was taken during my activation in the Belt Hill Conservation Park.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 3.01.10 pm.png

2 thoughts on “Participation certificate – 6 year anniversary VK5 Parks Award

  1. Hi Paul,
    A good looking certificate and congratulations on getting so many people out in the field.
    I have posted mine on my blog – it is so good!
    John D

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for the post and I’m pleased you liked your certificate.

    Participants were down this year. There were lots of cancellations on Sunday, including ours as you know.

    Initial stats indicate there were 25 different call signs which activated on Saturday and just 3 on Sunday.

    Hopefully more participation next year.


    Paul VK5PAS.

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