Some 20m short path DX as AX5PAS on Anzac Day

Last night (Thursday 25th April 2019) I was about to head off to bed when I decided to go up into the shack and have a listen on the 20m band.

Almost immediately after turning on the transceiver I heard R4FBH in Russia calling CQ with a big signal and I gave him a shout and got through on the first go.

I then decided to head up the band and put out a few CQ calls using the AX prefix.  What followed was a mad rush of contacts using AX5PAS before midnight.  I made a total of 65 contacts on the short path into Europe in a bit over an hour.

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 12.27.36 pm.png

Above:- Map showing my 20m short path contacts.  Map courtesy of QSOmaps

My equipment was a Yaesu FT-2000, 100 watts, and a 5 element triband yagi at about 16 metres off the ground.

One of my contacts was with Marc ON5FP in Flanders Fields which was a major battle site between 1914-1918.

If anyone is seeking a special ANZAC Day AX5PAS QSL card, please QSL via my QSL Manager Charles M0OXO.

AX5PAS (Anzac Day)

Above:- My AX5PAS QSL card

2 thoughts on “Some 20m short path DX as AX5PAS on Anzac Day

    • Hi Chris,

      When Marija and I were in Europe a few years ago we had a good look through Flanders Fields and went to some of the many cemeteries there including Tyne Cot. We also went to the ceremony at Menin Gate. A very emotional experience.

      73 mate,

      Paul VK5PAS.

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