My contacts as VK5PAS whilst portable

Following up on my previous log re contacts I have made from home, this post relates to all of the contacts I have made whilst portable, e.g. on a SOTA summit, in a park, on a HEMA summit, silo, etc.

I have about 38,000 portable QSOs in my log.

I have made contact with 86 different DXCC entities/countries.

The map below shows my QSOs around the world whilst operating portable.

The map below shows my contacts into Europe and the United Kingdom.

The map below shows my contacts into North America, Central America, and South America.

The map below shows my contacts around Australia and New Zealand.

6 thoughts on “My contacts as VK5PAS whilst portable

  1. Hi Paul
    Just amazing! A very impressive display. Another 12 entities/countries needed. I hope band conditions improve for you.
    John D

    • Hi Chris,

      The new DXCC entities are getting a bit harder to find whilst I’m out portable. It would be nice to get DXCC as a portable station. I have it from home, but whilst operating portable would be quite special.


      Paul VK5PAS.

  2. Hi Paul, what do you use for logging while portable? Does it integrate with your home station lig, or do you have two logs?

    • Hi Ben,

      At home, I use MacLogger DX. I have been a fan of MAC for many years now. It is a great program.

      Out in the field, I use a paper log, and then when I get home I use a program called Fast Log Entry (FLE) and that creates an ADIF file which I can upload to the WWFF database and also MacLogger.

      I keep separate logs on MacLogger for my home, portable, & mobile contacts.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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