My contacts from home since 2011

Tonight I decided to upload my home log of about 41,000 QSOs into Log Analyzer 3.2. It plots the QSOs onto a map.

These are contacts made since July 2011 when I obtained my Standard licence.

These are just my contacts I have made from home as VK5PAS. I also made about 2,900 QSOs with my Foundation call of VK5FPAS. I have also made about 38,000 QSOs whilst portable (in a park, on a SOTA summit, at a HEMA summit, Silo, etc). I will place another post about my portable contacts with maps showing those contacts.

All bands – 278 countries worked and 276 countries confirmed.

  • 10m – 169 countries worked and 164 confirmed.
  • 15m – 180 countries worked and 173 confirmed.
  • 20m – 260 countries worked and 256 confirmed
  • 40m – 120 countries worked and 100 confirmed.
  • 80m – 6 countries worked and 6 countries confirmed.

The two maps below show my contacts from home.

The map below shows my contacts into Europe and the United Kingdom.

The map below shows my contacts around Asia and the sub-continent.

The map below shows my contacts to the USA, Canada, Central & South America.

And this map shows my contacts into Africa.

6 thoughts on “My contacts from home since 2011

    • Hi Luke,

      The current main station is a Yaesu FTdx101MP, 100 watts. Antennas are a 5 element tri-bander @ 50 feet high, a 40m rotatable dipole @ 55 feet high, and a homebrew 80m dipole.


      Paul VK5PAS.

    • G’day Chris,

      The mapping programs don’t show the long and short path of course, but they give a good idea on where I’ve spoken to around the world.

      Thanks for stopping by as always.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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