Voice of Korea NORTH KOREA – 13650 kHz

Next in the log on Monday evening (18th October 2021) was Voice of Korea on 13650 khz on the 22 m band shortwave.

Above:- Map showing the location of North Korea. Map c/o Google maps.

The Voice of Korea is the international broadcasting service of North Korea. Up until 2002 the station was known as Radio Pyongyang.

The Voice of Korea’s origins date back to 1936 when the radio station JBBK was operated by the occupying Japanese Forces. In 1945 the station was founded as Radio Pyongyang. It was officially inaugurated on the 14th day of October 1945 with a live broadcast of the victory speech of Kim Il-sung.

The first foreign broadcast was on 16th March 1947. In 1950 Japanese language broadcasts commenced, followed by English in 1951. By 1960 Radio Pyongyang broadcast 159 hours of programming every week. By 1970 that had increased to 330 hours. By 1980 the station broadcast 597 hours.

Overall reception of Radio Korea was good. The signal strength was good and there was no interference at all from other stations. Every now and again the Over the Horizon Radar came onto the frequency but it was nowhere strong enough to cause any disruption. Fading of the signal was slight.


Below is a video of my reception of the Voice of Korea.


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