Mashaal Radio – 15365 kHz

I then tuned into Radio Mashaal on 15365 kHz on the 19m band. The broadcast was in the Pashto language.

Radio Mashaal is a member of Radio Free Europeand was launched on the 15th day of January 2010. It only broadcasts in the Pashto language and its headquarters are located in Prague in the Czech Republic . In 2018 the Radio Mashaal office in Islamabad was closed by the Pakistan Government.

Above:- Map of Pakistan. c/o Radio Free Euope.

Radio Free Europe’s website states:-

Radio Mashaal is a public service broadcaster providing a powerful alternative to extremist propaganda in Pakistan’s remote tribal regions along the border with Afghanistan.

I was receiving Radio Mashaal well.

Below is a short video of my reception of Mashaal Radio.


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