KBS World Radio – 15160 kHz

Next in the log on Sunday 24th October 2021 was KBS World Radio in SOUTH KOREA, broadcasting on 15160 kHz. The program was in the Korean language.

KBS World Radio, formerly Radio Korea and Radio Korea International, is the official international broadcasting station of South Korea. Owned by the Korean Broadcasting System, the station broadcasts news and information in 11 languages.

The logo of KBS World Radio features “big waves, symbolizing the worldwide spread of the Korean culture which is often called the “Korean Wave.” The purple-colored waves carry our promise to bring our listeners creative programs since the color is often associated with creativity.”

The station was launched on the 15th day of August 1953. This was the first English broadcast for resident foreigners.

1953 – 1973……….The Voice of Free Korea

1973 – 1994……….Radio Korea

1994 – 2004……….Radio Korea International

The KBS Mission is……

  • To provide news and information on the political, economic and cultural fields
  • To reflect the viewpoints of Koreans on major issues at home and abroad
  • To deliver Korea’s stance and news on inter-Korean affairs
  • To promote cultural exchanges and friendly relations with other nations
  • To build a bond between the 7 million Korean expatriates overseas
  • To provide information for overseas Koreans in times of disaster or emergency

Listener reports are via an on-line Reception Report.

The overall reception of KBS World Radio was good until 0901 UTC when I noted a blocking or jamming signal on the frequency, suspected to be coming from North Korea.

The SINPO report below is prior to the blocking.


Below is a video of my reception of KBS World Radio.


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