Radio France Internationale – 11700 kHz

On Sunday 7th November 2021 I tuned into Radio France Internationale broadcasting on 11700 kHz in the French language. Reception commenced at 0746 UTC.

Radio France Internationale (RFI), is the official French international public radio service broadcaster. It is one of the most listened to international radio stations in the world, along with the BBC World Service, the Voice of America, and China Radio International. RFI broadcasts 24 hours per day in French and in 12 other languages.

RFI was established in 1975 as part of Radio France by the French Government and replaced the Poste Colonial which was created in 1931, Paris Mondial in 1937, Radio Paris in 1939, a private station which was commandeered by the Germans during the occupation of France, and the Voice of France which was operated by the Vichy regime from 1941 to 1944, RTF Radio Paris (1945) and ORTF Radio Paris in 1965).

The English language service of RFI ceased broadcasting in April 2020.

The headquarters of Radio France is located at Maison de la Radio, a circular building designed by the architect Henry Bernard, which stands beside the River Seine.

Above; Radio France HQ. Image c/o Wikipedia

I was receiving Radio France well. The signal strength was good and there was no interference on the frequency or from adjacent stations. There was only slight fading on the signal.


Below is a video showing my reception of Radio France International.


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