Bangladesh Betar – Radio Bangladesh – 4750 kHz

My next station logged for 11th November 2021 was a new one for me. It was Bangladesh Betar transmitting on 4750 kHz in the English language.

Above:- World globe showing the location of Bangladesh. Image c/o Wikipedia

Bangladesh Betar is the state-owned radio broadcaster of Bangladesh. Betar means Radio. It was established after Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1971, and was known as Radio Bangladesh between 1975 and 1996.

On the 16th day of December 1939, radio transmission in the region now forming Bangladesh commenced in Dhaka as part of All India Radio. On the 8th day of September 1960, the station moved to Shahbag and was renamed Radio Pakistan. Radio played an important role during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

On the 26th day of March 1971, the broadcasting centre of Radio Pakistan was used to transmit a declaration of independence. This was intercepted by a Japanese ship in Chittagong Harbor and was retransmitted.

During the war, the Pakistan Army took over the radio station in Dhaka and the Bangladeshis operated Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra (Independent Bengal Radio Station) clandestinely. Due to heavy shelling, the station was relocated several times and ultimately moved to Calcutta on the 25th day of May. The station continued to broadcast from there until the end of the war.

On the 6th day of December, it was renamed Bangladesh Betar. The station’s current headquarters were completed in 1983 at National Broadcasting House, Arargon .

The broadcast consisted of the Panorama program.

The overall reception of Bangladesh Betar was poor.  The signal strength was fair and there was only slight fading on the signal.  There was interference on the frequency from CNR1 in Chinese.  I also experienced very strong static crashes on the band from local storms in Australia.  The audio of Bangladesh Betar also sounded a little distorted. 


Below is a short video of my reception of Bangladesh Betar on 4750 kHz.


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