North Korea Reform Radio SOUTH KOREA – 7590 kHz

The final station I logged on the 11th day of November 2021 was a very interesting station. Another ‘clandestine’ station from SOUTH KOREA. It was North Korea Reform Radio (NKRR) broadcasting on 7590 kHz in the Korean language.

The station has broadcasted radio signals into North Korea from South Korea since December 2007.

North Korea Reform Radio has a website which can be found at……

Above:- Map showing the location of South & North Korea. Map c/o Google maps

The President of NKKR on the website states:

NKRR seeks to increase accessibility to information in North Korea in hopes of guiding citizens towards ideals of democracy, freedom and human rights. Our target audience is the elite population which consists of groups like, military officers, intellectuals, and university students. These groups are more likely to not only have access to foreign media, but to also bring about tangible change in Pyongyang. By broadcasting radio programs and disseminating other media materials into North Korea, NKRR strives to equip North Korean citizens, especially the youth, to lead the change themselves and stir change from the inside out for the next generation.

Above:- a claim by NKRR. Image c/o NKRR Facebook site.

The overall reception of the station was fair. There was noticeable ‘jamming’ of the signal, presumably from NORTH KOREA.


Below is a video of my reception of North Korea Reform Radio.


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