Radio Exterior De Espana, SPAIN – 12030 kHz

At 2306 on 16th November 2021, I tuned in to Radio De Exterior De Espana on 12030 kHz broadcasting in the Spanish language.

Above:- World globe showing the location of Spain. Image c/o Wikipedia

Radio Exterior de España (REE) or simply Radio Exterior is a Spanish international radio station operated by Radio Nacional de España (RNE). The station is primarily intended for Spaniards living abroad.

REE ceased shortwave broadcasts on 15 October 2014; however, two months later it was announced they would resume shortwave broadcasts in Spanish for four hours a day, as well as coverage of sporting events, in order to serve the country’s fishing industry whose ships had no other viable means to access REE broadcasts while at sea.

My reception of Radio Exterior de Espana was fair.


Below is a video showing my reception of Radio Exterior de Espana.


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