Radyo Denge Welat – 11530 kHz

Next in the log on 14th December 2021, was Radyo Denge Welat at 1205 UTC on 11530 kHz broadcasting in the Kurdish language. This was a new station for me.

Radyo Denge Welat is a Kurdish language broadcasting network. The station replaced the Denge Mesopotamia and Denge Kurdistan radios. These were closed due to pressure exerted by Turkey on Europe.

Radyo Denge Welat transmits from the TDF transmitter site in Issoudun, France. The Radyo Denge Welat studios are located in Denderleeuw, about 20 km northeast of Brussels in Belgium. Broadcasts have been subject to jamming transmissions, which are alleged to come from Turkey. I certainly heard another station on the frequency during my time of listening in.

Radyo Denge Welat’s target audience is the Kurds who reside in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

More information can be found on the Radyo Denge Welat website at……..


The overall reception of Denge Welat was fair. This was mostly due to the interference from another station on the same frequency.


Below is a video showing my reception of Radyo Denge Welat.


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