WTWW, USA – 5085 kHz

At about 1118 UTC on Saturday 1st January 2022, I tuned in to WTWW, in the USA. This was a new station for me. They were transmitting in the English language on 5085 kHz.

Image c/o WTWW website

WTWW stands for ‘We Transmit World Wide’. The radio station is owned by Leap of Faith Inc, and was initially licenced as WBWW while under construction. It has been on the air since 19th February 2010.

The WTWW website has quite a few references to amateur radio. WTWW broadcasts the QSO Live show. Sponsors of WTWW include R & L Electronics (deal in amateur radio gear), The Spectrum Monitor, and Icom. You can also listen to Bob Heil’s Organ music on WTWW.

Above:- Image c/o WTWW website

Their program consisted of various music. Their broadcast was coming from WTWW’s 100kW Lebanon, Tennessee transmitter.

More information can be found on their website at……


The overall reception of WTWW was fair. This was mostly due to the signal being fair and there being moderate static crashes on the band.


Below is a short video of my reception of WTWW.


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