Dimsti Weyane Tigray, ETHIOPIA – 15160 kHz

At about 1513 UTC on 22nd January 2022, I tuned in to Dimsti Weyane Tigray, ETHIOPIA, broadcasting in the Tigrinya language on 15160 kHz.

Dimsti Weyane is headquartered in Mekelle, Tigray. The Tigray Region, officially the Tigray National Regional State, is the northernmost regional state in Ethiopia. The station broadcasts programs in various categories including educational, entertainment, political, socio-cultural, documentaries, news and news analysis.

The broadcast was coming from the Issoudun 250 kW transmitter in France.

At times there was a siren type noise on the frequency, possibly a jamming signal.


Below is a short video showing my reception of Dimsti Weyane Tigray.


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