Voice of America Deewa – 7495 kHz

At about 1434 UTC on 21st January 2022, I tuned in to the Voice of America Deewa, broadcasting in the Pashto language on 7495 kHz.

VOA Deewa is a USAGM funded service for Pashto speaking listeners in northwestern Pakistan along the border with Afghanistan. It was launched on 29th September 2008 and is produced in VOA studios.

Deewa means ‘light’ in Urdu.

Above:- Image c/o Wikipedia, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Afghanistan-Pakistan_border.png

The VOA Deewa website states that VOA Deewa “provides news and information to the critical Pakistan/Afghanistan border region where more than 50 million Pashtuns live. The region lacks local independent sources of information on regional, international and U.S. politics. Military narrative, jihadi agenda and extremist groups are dominant in the state and private media market. VOA Deewa reaches this critical region via digital platforms, direct-to-home satellite, radio, and the Internet.”

The overall reception of VOA Deewa was excellent.


Below is a video showing my reception of VOA Deewa.


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