Radio Dabanga, SUDAN – 15550 kHz

At about 1557 UTC on 22nd January 2022, I tuned in to Radio Dabanga, SUDAN, broadcasting on 15550 kHz in the Darfur Arabic language.

Radio Dabanga is an independent, Sudanese news and information broadcaster which was founded in 2008.  It has been on air since 15th November 2008. It is aimed at listeners in the Darfur area in Western Sudan.

Above:- Map showing the Darfur region of Sudan. Image c/o Wikipedia.

The dabanga, or ‘damanga’, ‘dabunga’  is one of the most important parts of a Sudanese family home.  Used by Sudanese farmers to presrve food, it is a large storage vessel, made of a mixture of clay, water and dried grass/

Dabangas are used to store crops, such as corn and grain, to keep them from spoiling.  Farmers sometimes hide their money or other valuables in the bottom.

The broadcast was coming from Santa Maria di Galeria 250 kW transmitter.

The overall reception of Radio Dabanga was good. The signal strength was good and there was no interference from other stations.


Below is a video of my reception of Radio Dabanga.


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