2022 PerthTech – parks to be activated

On Sunday 23rd October 2022, as part of 2022 PerthTech, myself, Hans VK6XN, and Phil VK6ADF will be taking hams out into the field to activate parks. For many, this will be their first VKFF park activation. We should be on air from around 0530 UTC.

Parks to be activated:-

  • Paul VK5PAS/6 – Walyunga National Park VKFF-0516
  • Hans VK6XN – Beelu National Park VKFF-0632.
  • Phil VK6ADF – John Forest National Park VKFF-0250.

Please consider heading out into a VKFF park yourself to make contact with the VK6 activators. We hope to get you in the log.

If you do plan to head out, please place an alert on parksnpeaks.

More information on PerthTech can be found at……..