2022 VKFF Activation Weekend

What a weekend…..the 2022 VKFF Activation Weekend for the Australian chapter of the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.

Marija and I activated eight (8) parks.

We made the following QSOs & Park to Park contacts:-

  • 727 QSOs
  • 321 Park to Park contacts

Nixon Skinner Conservation Park VKFF-0923

  • 94 QSOs
  • 61 Park to Park

Myponga Conservation park VKFF-0921

  • 97 QSOs
  • 58 Park to Park

Spring Mount Conservation Park VKFF-0789

  • 96 QSOs
  • 54 Park to Park

Mount Billy Conservation Park VKFF-0912

  • 68 QSOs
  • 18 Park to Park

Kyeema Conservation Park VKFF-0826

  • 130 QSOs
  • 58 Park to Park

Mount Magnificent Conservation Park VKFF-0916

  • 76 QSOs
  • 21 Park to Park

Cox Scrub Conservation Reserve VKFF-1701

  • 96 QSOs
  • 29 Park to Park

Cox Scrub Conservation Park VKFF-0824

  • 70 QSOs
  • 22 Park to Park

We will slowly start adding our logs over the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who called us and a big thanks to those who took the time to spot us on parksnpeaks.

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