2022 VKFF Team Championship

Marija VK5MAZ and I took part in the 2022 VKFF Team Championship. We entered into the 2 ops/single tx/40m & 80m/wire antenna category. In fact we were the only entrants in that category of all nine teams that entered.

Every activator who took part received a participation certificate.

And each activator in a winning team was issued a Certificate. Ours is a photo I took at Wine Glass Bay in Tasmania.

Thanks to everyone who took part and thanks to all those who called us.

More information on the 2022 VKFF Team Championship can be found at the WWFF Australia website at……


VKFF Activator Honour Roll 375

Following my recent trip to VK6, VK7 and VK3, I qualified for my latest Activator award for the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program. It is the VKFF Activator Honour Roll 375, issued for having activated a total of 375 different VKFF reference areas.

Thanks to all of the WWFF Hunters who have called me during those activations.

WWFF 10 year anniversary global certificates

This year the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program celebrated 10 years.

Special certificates were awarded to park Activators and park Hunters who either activated parks or worked parks on the special anniversary weekend.

Today I downloaded my WWFF 10 year anniversary certificates.

Thanks to all of the WWFF park Activators and park Hunters, and thanks to those at WWFF who organised the certificates.