250 unique summits certificate

Also received my 250 Unique Summits as a Chaser certificate.

The SOTA Uniques Awards are a count of the number of different summits in an activator’s, chaser’s or SWL’s record.  It is purely the number of distinct summits activated or chased regardless of SOTA points.  Certificates are available for the usual thresholds of 100, 250, 500 and 1000.

I have a long way to go as an Activator.  I am sitting on 48 unique summits activated.

250 unique Chaser068

Propagation between here and the VK1 & VK2 SOTA activators has been very poor for a long time now.  Twelve months ago I was guaranteed of getting a contact with the VK1 fellas on 40m, even in the middle of the day.  Sadly that isn’t the case anymore, and there are sonly a handful of SOTA activators that try 20m.  So I decided to analyse the breakdown of my uniques.  Below is a chart with the results.  It clearly shows that the Victorian SOTA Activators take the biggest slice of the pie for me as a Chaser.  This is followed by VK2 and then VK1.

I have only worked a total of 21 SOTA uniques here in VK5.  I believe that is a combination of 2 factors.  There is only a handful of active SOTA activators.  And secondly we are a bit geographically challenged here for SOTA summits.  We have only 2 summits in close proximity to Adelaide.  The remainder of the summits require a minimum drive of 100 km ++ to get there.

What is pleasing is the number of DX activators that are now listening for VK SOTA Chasers.