Great website

Today I was doing a bit of research on trig points in South Australia, and I found a really neat website, which I hope you also find interesting.  It is called ‘Place Names Online.  South Australian State Gazetteer’.

It can be found at…..


The Gazetteer is a database of place names in South Australia. The general aim of the database is to record of any place name that is, or has been used, in South Australia. Associated with each name is up to 38 fields of information relating to feature type, classification, location, derivation and cross-reference to current, previous and alternative names.

I have a great book here as well called ‘South Australia.  What’s in a Name?” written by Rodney Cockburn.  It is the third edition and seventh printing of Rodney Cockburn’s book which was first released in 1908.  It contains the origins of the names of nearly 4,000 of South Australia’s cities, towns, islands and other geographical features.