My SOTA stats

A recent thread on the SOTA Yahoo site regarding propagation between VK5 & VK2, prompted me in checking my SOTA stats.  It was really quite interesting.  Here’s what I found…..


  • Total of 1,882 Chaser points.
  • Total of 411 SOTA QSO’s as a Chaser.
  • Total of 189 unique summits chased
  • 13 x DX QSO’s (UK & Europe)
  • 71 x VK1 QSO’s
  • 22 x VK2 QSO’s
  • 283 x VK3 QSO’s
  • 19 x VK5 QSO’s
  • 2 x VK9 QSO’s
  • DX           3 %
  • VK1         17 %
  • VK2          5 %
  • VK3          69 %
  • VK5          5 %
  • VK9          1 %


My top Chased Activators

  • Allen VK3HRA
  • Wayne VK3WAM
  • Peter VK3PF
  • Andrew VK1NAM
  • Marshall VK3MRG
  • Peter VK3ZPF
  • Mitch VK3FMDV
  • Al VK1RX
  • Brian VK3MCD
  • Ron VK3AFW

Most worked VK1 Activator

  • Andrew VK1NAM

Most worked VK2 Activator

  • Ed VK2JI

Most worked VK3 Activator

  • Allen, VK3HRA

Most worked VK5 Activator

  • Ian VK5CZ

My first ever SOTA contact was with Mike, 2E0YYY, and since that time I have worked a further 12 DX activators in Europe and the United Kingdom.

The stats showed that propagation between my qth in the Adelaide Hills to VK1 & VK2 appears to be quite good.  This is considering that VK1 has been an active Association for a short period of time, and VK2 even less.

Sadly there are not too many Activators in VK5 South Australia.  This may have a lot to do with the fact that many of the summits here require a significant amount of travel from the major population base in Adelaide.  Having said that, there are still at least 3 summits in close proximity to Adelaide.  The lack of activity has not been as a result of publicity.  Both myself and Ian VK5CZ have been active in promoting SOTA here in VK5.

Unfortunately, despite hearing them on a few occasions, I am yet to work any of the VK4 Queensland activators.


  • Total of 147 Activator points
  • Total of 60 activations.
  • 45 x activations in South Australia
  • 15 x activations in Victoria
  • Total of 48 unique summits (in VK3 & VK5)

My top Activation Chasers.

  • Ernie VK3DET
  • Peter VK3PF
  • Brian VK5FMID
  • Peter VK3FPSR
  • Col VK5HCF
  • Ed VK2JI
  • Tony VK3CAT
  • Ron VK3AFW
  • Larry VK5LY
  • Rhett VK3GHZ

I only commenced activating SOTA peaks in March, 2013.  My first ever activation was VK5/ SE-016, on the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide.  Since then I have activated a total of 48 unique summits.

The Victorian fellas have been the primary chasers when I have been on top of a hill.  However there has been a core group of VK5’s including Brian VK5FMID, Col VK5HCF and Larry VK5LY.

I have been privileged to work a significant amount of DX in Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA, and the Carribean, whilst I have been on the top of a summit.