Telowie Gorge Conservation Park

I activated the Telowie Gorge Conservation Park on Sunday 5th May, 2013, on my way back home from the Flinders Ranges (after activating 3 SOTA summits up there).


The Telowie Gorge Conservation Park is situated about 249 kms north of Adelaide, and about 25 kms north east from Port Pirie, off Highway 1.  The park is the home to a colony of yellow-footed rock-wallabies, however I did not see any.  We did however, see quite a few feral goats.  The gorge has been created by Telowie Creek, which over time has cut a deep gorge through the range.

There are 2 camping grounds adjacent to the main entrance road.  The distance to the park is shown as 500 metres, but this would have been the longest 500 m I have ever driven.  It is more like 1 km.  There are no toilet facilities or drinking water in the park.

There are several walking trails in the park.  The ‘Nukunu Trail’ takes you along the base of the Telowie Gorge.  This walk is spectacular.  It is only short…2kms return (40 minutes return).

IMG_2279          IMG_2278

I set up in the bottom carpark at the start of the walking trail.  My operation attracted quite a bit of attention by caravaners who were walking the gorge.

I used my Yaesu FT-817nd, 5 watts, and my BandHopper 40m/20m linked dipole on the 7m squid pole.


I managed 10 QSO’s on 40m & 20m into VK3, VK4, & VK5, and spent a relaxing hour or so in the deck chair.  A couple of bonuses of the afternoon were working Will VK5AHV in the Sandy Creek CP & Marshall VK3MRG/p who was on the top of Federation Range summit in VK3.

Stations worked were:- Will, VK5AHV/p in the Sandy Creek Conservation Park; Brian VK5FMID; Ian VK5CZ; Mike VK5MCB; Rod VK5FTTC; Marshall VK3MRG/p (SOTA – VK3/VN-003); Dave VK3VCE; Rex VK5FRCP; Alan VK3DXE/m; & Peter VK4AAV.

I put together a short video of me activating here in the park.  It can be found on You Tube at…..

Mount Remarkable National Park


I activated the Mount Remarkable National Park on the morning of Sunday 5th May, 2013, before heading home to Adelaide after 3 nights at Melrose in the southern Flinders Ranges.

I used my Yaesu FT-817nd, 5 watts, and my BandHopper 40m/20m linked dipole supported by a 7m squid pole.

I made contact with 7 stations, all on 40m including 3 SOTA QSO’s.

Stations worked were:- Andrew VK1NAM/p (SOTA VK1/AC-027); Larry VK5LY; Alan VK3HRA; Al VK1RX/p (SOTA VK1/AC-021); Ian VK1DI/p (SOTA VK1/AC-031); Ron VK3AFW; & David VK5LSB.