Ngarkat Conservation Park

My last planned activation for Wednesday 11th September, 2013, was the Ngarkat Conservation Park, just over the border in South Australia.  So after activating Little Desert National Park I drove west towards S.A. and into the town of Keith.  Just north west of Keith I turned off the Dukes Highway onto Snoswells Road and followed this for a few km north until I reached the park, and an area called Tyms Lookout.  There is a carpark at the end of Snoswells Road, and this is where I set up my gear.


Ngarkat Conservation Park is large park.  In fact it is one of the largest mallee parks in South Australia.  Its total area is 270,000 hectares which consists of vegetated sand dunes, mallee and heath.  It is located about 209 km south east of Adelaide, 34 km south of Pinaroo, and 5 km north of Keith.  It was named after a tribe of Aboriginals who previously inhabited the area.  The park abounds with wildlife including Western Grey kangaroos and emus.  Over 120 species of birds including the rare Malleefowl have been recorded. There are a number of walking trails and it is home to the legendary Border Track.  The the park has a popular 4WD track.

IMGA0105_5     IMGA0109_4

I started off on 40m and my first contact was with John VK5BJE who had a very strong 5/9 signal.  This was followed by Larry VK5LY who was patiently waiting in the Murray River National Park.  Signal reports of 5/9 both ways were exchanged with Larry.  Another Park to Park contact for the log !  Another Park to Park contact was made with Tony VK3VTH/5 who was portable in the Karte Conservation Park (5/9 both ways).  When things got a little quiet I decided to tune around the band & I heard 2 gentlemen on Lord Howe Island talking to each other.  After about 5 minutes they were signing off, so I decided to give them a call, and much to my surprise they replied. Dick VK9LH, and Des VK9FLHI were both 5/8 signals and I received a 5/1 signal report back from both of them.  I could also hear some European signals coming through, including Jose EA2KC, who had a good strong signal.  I tried calling him but unfortunately I could not get through.


Time was starting to get away from me, but I decided to go to 20m and have a quick listen.  I am glad that I did because I made 2 DX contacts and 1 contact over to my good mate Jess VK6JES in Western Australia.  The 2 DX contacts were with Jose EA2KC (5/9 sent and 5/6 received), and then Jara DL1YD (5/9 sent and 5/5 received).  I was really pleased to have 2 good DX contacts with just 5 watts, and it was now time to pack up and head home.  After all I still had a 2 hour drive to get back to the home qth.

The following stations were worked:-

John VK5BJE; Larry VK5LY/p; Ron VK3AFW; Tony VK3CAT; Dale Vk5FSCK; Brian VK5FMID; Graham VK5KGP; Nick VK3NAL; Tony VK5ZAI; Tony VK3VTH/5; David VK3MIJ; Colin VK3UBY/m; Charles VK5FBAC; Paul VK4CPS; Paul VK4PAR; Dick VK9LH; Des VK9FLHI; David VK5KC; Peter VK3PF; Peter VK3TKK/m; Jose EA2KC; Jara DL1YD; & Jess, VK6JES.

I have placed a video of this activation on You Tube…..

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