South East Radio Group 50th Annual Convention

On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June, 2014, the 50th annual South East Radio Group (SERG) Convention was held.  This coincided with the Queen’s Birthday weekend, and this year SERG were celebrating a special milestone, their 50th year.  The venue was the 1st Mount Gambier Scout Hall at Margaret Street, Mount Gambier.

Col VK5HCF and John VK5DJ were kind enough to invite me to the event to deliver a presentation on the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award.

A week either side of the convention, members of SERG used the special event call of VI50CONV.  I was lucky enough to get this special call in my log whilst I was out activating parks.

The Australia Fox Hunting Championships were held over this weekend, attracting keen competitors from all over south eastern Australia.

Within the scout hall, there were also various buy and sell tables, with some commercial sellers including Ross from Strictly Ham.

A home brew competition was also held.

A trusty band of ladies helped out in the kitchen provided tea and coffee, steak sandwiches, hamburgers, home made cake, etc, over the duration of the weekend.  I must say that the steak sandwiches I enjoyed on both Saturday & Sunday were some of the nicest I have ever had.

I delivered a short 20 minute presentation on the VK5 Parks award, late on Sunday afternoon to a group of about 80 people.  This was followed by the presentation of trophies and certificates for the fox hunters.  And David VK5HDW then gave a presentation on the sinking of the Titanic.

Following the presentations, I enjoyed a 3 course meal: pumpkin soup, roast beef, and sticky date pudding.  Congratulations to the chef/s.

This event was well worth coming to, and at this stage for next year’s event, I will be putting on a display in the hall about SOTA, the VK5 Parks award, and the WWFF program.

It was terrific to catch up with a lot of guys that I have spoken to many many times on the radio, but never met in person, including Greg VK5ZGY, and John VK5NJ.

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