Just wanted to bring an interesting website to everyone’s attention.  It’s called ‘peakery’.  It can be located at…..


The peakery website features over 330,000 peaks from around the globe.  You are able to find peaks by browsing lists, maps, and photos.  You can also use peakery to envision your next peak objective with photos, trip reports, statistics, 3D fly-arounds, and maps.  The 3D fly around feature is extremely good.

There are currently 10,820 peaks in Australia, that are recorded on peakery

On the site you can also log all of your summits.  Once you’ve returned safely from your summit, you can share your summit experience, by adding trip details, photos, route info, and information on who you went with.

Every peak that you summit earns you its summit badge.  As you climb more peaks, you rise up the ranks as shown on the Members page.

Screenshot 2014-06-28 20.40.01

Just as with WordPress, you can follow someone’s progress.

Your page will also show you some interesting facts such as your user rank, the highest peak that you have activated, and the top regions that you have climbed peaks in.

Peakery can also be found on Facebook…..

You can even download your own peakery Annual Report which documents your year in the mountains.  The Annual Report is a comprehensive summary including all of your claimed peaks and summit logs for a specific year.


If a summit does not appear on the peakery list, you can add it to peakery.  Your addition will first go to the peakery moderator/s for their approval.  I should warn you, that not all will be included, even if they have the 150 metres of prominence as required with SOTA.  A total of 19 of the SOTA summits I have activated are not recorded on peakery, and at this stage have not been approved to be added?  This is about 40 % of my SOTA activations.

However, despite this, peakery is another tool that can be used when considering activating a peak as part of the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program.


2 thoughts on “Peakery

  1. Hi Paul, thanks for the post. Sorry you’ve had trouble with peak submissions; we’ve recently been fixing a lot of bugs in that area. Please resubmit those peaks — if they have the requisite prominence they’ll be approved. Thanks.

  2. Hi Scott,
    Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been away overseas in Europe. I tried adding those peaks again, and this time they were rejected saying they were in the ‘ocean’. They definitely have at least 150 metres of prominence, otherwise they would not qualify for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program.
    Best wishes,

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