Unactivated summits

Are you trying to find out which peak for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program has not yet been activated?

A great way to find out this information is on the Adventure Radio mapping site, which I have mentioned previously.  Adventure Radio was designed by Mario, DL4MFM  It can be found at…..


On the yellow buttons, click “Mountains”.  Below that, you will find the yellow button,“Select Sota”.  However, DO NOT click it, yet.  Just to the right of that button, click the small grey square auxiliary button.  Once you see the check mark on that button, then click “Select Sota”.  From the drop-down list that appears, pick your association and wait about ten seconds for the un-activated peaks to show.

Screenshot 2014-10-19 09.44.04


You can also do this via…..


This site is on the bar at Sotawatch. The list indicates un-activated summits.  Use the filter at the lower left to make the map do that, too.

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