Summary of my portable activities

Last evening, I added all my contacts that I have had whilst operating portable, to the Logbook of the World (LOTW) and Clublog systems.  As a result I was able to find out the total number of QSO’s I had attained whilst either sitting in a park or on a peak for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program.  I also checked off on my spreadsheets, those South Australian National Parks and Conservation Parks that I had activated, and also National Parks for both the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA) and the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  Here’s what I found….

VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award.

  • I have activated 10 of the 21 SA National Parks.
  • I have activated 80 of the 266 SA Conservation Parks.
  • I have activated a total of 90 VK5 parks (combined National Parks & Conservation Parks).
  • I have had a total of 126 South Australian park activations (as some of those parks I have visited twice)
  • My most activated park is Belair NP.
    • not surprising really considering it is just a short distance from my home.


Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA)

  • I have activated 4 Victorian National Parks:
    • Grampians NP, Little Desert NP, Murray Sunset NP, and Wyperfeld NP.
  • I have worked 42 of the 45 Victorian National Parks
    • I need Erinundra NP, Lind NP, & Snowy River NP.


World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF).

  • I have activated a total of 15 WWFF parks
  • I have activated parks in three separate countries:
    • Australia, Belgium, & Germany
  • I have worked 172 WWFF parks around the world from 26 different DXCC entities.
    • the majority of those being from Australia (237), followed by Germany (17) and Italy (17).


Summits on the Air (SOTA).

  • I have a total of 75 activations and 183 activator points.
  • I have activated summits in4 different Associations in 3 different countries.
    • DM (Germany)
    • ON (Belgium)
    • VK3
    • VK5
  • I have worked 1,271 activators and have 5,804 chaser points
  • I have worked 503 unique summits


Other info.

I have had nearly 5,000 QSO’s whilst operating portable.  As you can see from the table below, I am 149 QSOs less than last year, with about 2 months remaining in 2014.

Screenshot 2014-10-29 15.14.01

I have worked 50 DXCC entities this year, compared to 2013 when I worked 30.

Screenshot 2014-10-29 15.18.46

I have worked a total of 52 DXCC entities whilst operating portable.  I have worked 52 DXCC entities on 20m SSB, and 8 on 40m SSB.  The vast majority of those has been whilst operating QRP with just 5 watts.

Here is a list of the DXCC entities I’ve worked whilst portable.  I’m only half way to ‘portable’ DXCC.

  1. Asiatic Russia
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Azores Islands
  5. Baeleric Islands
  6. Belarus
  7. Belgium
  8. Brazil
  9. Canary Islands
  10. Chatham Islands
  11. Costa Rica
  12. Croatia
  13. Czech Republic
  14. Denmark
  15. Ecuador
  16. England
  17. Estonia
  18. European Russia
  19. Federal Republic of Germany
  20. Finland
  21. France
  22. French Polynesia
  23. Greece
  24. Hawaii
  25. Hungary
  26. Ireland
  27. Italy
  28. Japan
  29. Lithuania
  30. Lord Howe Island
  31. Luxembourg
  32. Netherlands
  33. New Caledonia
  34. New Zealand
  35. Norfolk Island
  36. Northern Ireland
  37. Papua New Guinea
  38. Poland
  39. Portugal
  40. Puerto Rico
  41. Republic of Korea
  42. Romania
  43. Saint Helena
  44. Scotland
  45. Serbia
  46. Slovak Republic
  47. Slovenia
  48. Solomon Islands
  49. South Cook Islands
  50. Spain
  51. Sweden
  52. Switzerland
  53. Ukraine
  54. United States of America
  55. Wales

My first ever portable activity was a SOTA activation (VK5/ SE-016) in March, 2013.