Chasing European activators


I am on holidays at the moment, which means I can stay up a little bit later when I choose to.  And I did that over the weekend, working a few European SOTA activators on both the long path and the short path.

On Saturday evening (10th January 2015) I spoke with Pablo EA1QL, on 20m on the long path.  Pablo was on the top of SOTA summit, Monxagre, EA1/ AT-204.  Pablo was kind enough to send me an email with some photos from the activation (see below).

The Monxagre summit is 662 metres ASL and is worth 2 SOTA points.  It is located in the Spain (North West) Association, and the Asturias Region.

Screenshot 2015-01-12 21.59.20

Map courtesy of google maps.

Screenshot 2015-01-12 22.03.35

Image courtesy of

Pablo was running a Kenwood TS-840, about 50 watts, and a home brew monoband Delta loop antenna.  Pablo was powering the radio with a 12v 8 ah battery.

It was a challenge to get through to Pablo, as breaking through the European ‘wall’ of SOTA chasers was quite difficult.  But once I did, Pablo and I were able to hear each other ver well.  I know that Andrew VK1NAM has mentioned previously, the issue of many European SOTA activators not listening for further afield.  I have felt the same frustration, but I have found that perserverance generally pays off.  Not always though!

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