Hogwash Bend Conservation Park

Our third and final activation for Sunday was the Hogwash Bend Conservation Park, which is located near Waikerie in the Riverland region of South Australia, about 183 km north east of Adelaide.  This was to be another unique park for me.

Screenshot 2015-04-23 13.59.23

Above:- the location of the Hogwash Bend CP.  Image courtesy of mapcarta.com

The Hogwash Bend CP was gazetted in 2012 and is about 286 hectares in size.  It is located on the banks of the mighty River Murray.  I have not been able to find out how the park got its name.

The park was acquired by the South Australian State Government and the Australian Federal Government under the National Reserve System program to protect the largest breeding colony of Regent Parrots in South Australia.  There are thought to be only 300 breeding pairs of Regent parrots along the Murray.  And in Hogwash Bend, around 50 pairs use the ideal breeding habittat of mature river red gums, nesting sites and large areas of mature mallee scrubland.  Hogwash Bend plays an important role in the bird’s future which is listed as vulnerable at both State and National level.


Above:- Regent parrot.  Image courtesy of wikipedia

There is an excellent website dedicated to Regent parrots which can be found at…..


In fact, the group is very keen to hear from people who sight a Regent Parrot.  You can telephone 1800PARROT.

Hogwash Bend was just a  short 14 km drive from the Ramco Point Conservation Park.  We entered the park off Cadell Valley Road.  The park is well signposted and there is a nice dirt road down to the park which is easily negotiated with a car and even a caravan.  The camping area was very busy with lots of campers and caravaners.  So we headed to the eastern side of the camping area and set up in the scrub.

Screenshot 2015-04-23 13.59.11

Above:- My operating spot.  Image courtesy of mapcarta.com

The park was alive with birdlife, but unfortunately we did not spot a Regent parrot.  But I did see a Whistling kite which flew into a nearby gumtree and sat there for some time, allowing me to take a number of photographs.


There was also a Spoonbill busy in a nearby pond and a number of pelicans on the river.

I did intend to operate on 7.095 but there were some VK6 guys operating on 7.093.  A few of them were mobile, and had very good signals into Hogwash Bend.  So I moved up a little higher to 7.096 and called CQ and this was answered by David VK5KC and then Les VK5KLV, followed by Al VK7AN and then Tony VK3VTH mobile.  I then called for any QRP stations and I worked Adrian VK5FANA QRP 5 watts and Bernard VK3AV QRP 4 watts.  I had quite a steady flow of callers from VK3 & VK5.

I managed one park to park contact and that was with Stef VK5HSX who was portable in the Flinders Ranges National Park.  I also worked Allen VK3HRA who was portable on SOTA peak Crowsnest Lookout, VK3/ VS-049.

I then moved over to 20m and called CQ on 14.312.  This was answered by Gerard VK2IO who had a lovely 5/9 signal, followed by Xaver DK4RM, Jarrad VK3HXT, and then Albert S58AL.  I went on to work a total of 38 stations on 20m from VK2, VK3, VK6, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, USA, France, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Hungary, and New Zealand.  It was very pleasing to get a number of calls from USA stations who were copying me well.  And again I managed to work my very good mate Marnix OP7M.  Copy this time at Marnix end was not as good as previously.  But the 20m band was still opening up.

Unfortunately time was marching on and I needed to pack up, as I still had a 2 & 1/2 hour drive to get home.  I had a total of 62 contacts in the log.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The following stations were worked on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK5KC
  2. VK5KLV
  3. VK7AN
  4. VK3VTH/m
  5. VK5FANA
  6. VK3AV
  7. VK5FTVR
  8. VK5ZAR
  9. VK5MRE
  10. VK5NRG
  11. VK3ANL
  12. VK5EE
  13. VK3PF
  14. VK3FMRC
  15. VK3KAB
  16. VK5NQP
  17. VK5FADP/p
  18. VK5ZRY/m
  19. VK2IO
  20. VK5FTRG
  21. VK3OF
  22. VK5HSX/p (Flinders Ranges National Park)
  23. VK5FCDL
  24. VK3HRA/p (SOTA VK3/ VS-049)

The following stations were worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK2IO
  2. DK4RM
  3. VK3HXT
  4. S58AL
  5. VK2HOT
  6. I5FLN
  7. IK1GPG
  8. KD8GEH
  9. F2YT
  10. WB2ZAB
  11. DL4PT
  12. S5KM
  13. VK4MWG
  14. UT5PI
  15. V4TH
  16. DL5WW
  17. HB9EFJ
  18. VK2YK
  19. KG7HAX
  20. DL1EBR
  21. IZ1UKG
  22. KC5JAV
  23. ON4VT
  24. N4WMB
  25. EA5HPX
  26. ON5SWA
  27. HA6OB
  28. ON4BB
  29. OP7M
  30. IW1FZR
  31. EA1SB
  32. KK4PWE
  33. RA3PCI
  34. HA6NF
  35. DL2NOM
  36. VK4AJR
  37. VK6NI
  38. ZL3CHE


Government of South Australia, 2014, River Murray-South East Nature Link

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