Mylor Conservation Park VKFF-785

On Friday afternoon (22nd May 2015) I headed over to the Mylor Conservation Park (CP).  I had activated the park twice before, but this would be my first activation under the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.  The Mylor CP was recently added to the WWFF program.

For information on my previous activations, have a look at…..

I set up in my normal spot, just inside the gate off Whitehead Road, which runs off the Strathalbyn Road.  The park is very well signposted on the Strathalbyn Road so there are no problems in locating the park.

Screenshot 2015-05-24 18.30.45

Above:- My operating spot.  Image courtesy of

I started off on 40m and called CQ on 7.144.  It took a few minutes before some of the regulars found me.  First up was Mick VK3PMG in western Victoria (5/9 both ways), followed by Paul VK3DBP (5/9 both ways), Peter VK3PF (5/9 both ways), and then Amanda VK3FQSO running just 500 milliwatts (5/8 sent and 5/9 received).

I worked a total of 16 stations on 40m from VK1, VK2, VK3, and VK5, before QSYing to 20m.  I could not get on my nominated operating frequency of 14.244 as there were stations either side from Europe.  So I headed up to 14.310 and called CQ.  After a few calls, I was called by Baden VK7BRY, followed by John VK2EJP and then Adam VK2YK.  My fourth contact on 20m was John VK5BJE.

Thanks to Adam VK2YK who spotted me on the DX cluster, as this resulted in the European park hunters finding me.  After working John, I was called by a number of European and UK callers.  First taker was Danny ON4VT, followed by Axel DL1EBR and then Luciano I5FLN.

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After working a total of 36 stations, things slowed down.  So I took the opportunity of tuning around the band.  I found a very rare DXCC working a pile up on 14.225.  It was Bruce ZD7VC on St Helena Island.  I had worked Bruce before, from home and also whilst out portable, but I was determined to get Bruce in the log from another park.  I persevered for about 20 minutes and finally made contact (5/8 sent and 5/6 received).

Below is a video of how well Bruce was coming in to Mylor CP…..

After working Bruce I quickly went back to 40m to hopefully get Adrian VK5FANA in the log.  Adrian had sent me an SMS message asking me if I was going to go back to 40m.  I could not get back onto 7.144 as it was occupied by some other stations, so I called CQ a few times on 7.140 and I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the man himself, Adrian.  This was followed by another park stalwart, Rob VK4FFAB.  Peter VK2NEO who was mobile then called me, followed by another dedicated park hunter, Doug VK2FMIA.  My last caller was Leo VK3FLMR mobile.

At 5.30 p.m. (0800 UTC) I packed up my gear and headed home.  My son was coming up for tea and to watch the Aussie Rules football with me.  This was another successful activation with a total of 58 stations in my log.

The following stations were worked on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK3PMG
  2. VK3DBP
  3. VK3PF
  4. VK3FQSO
  5. VK5ZAR
  6. VK2YW
  7. VK5GJ
  8. VK2IO
  9. VK3FARO
  10. VK1HW
  11. VK5OI/m
  12. VK3OF
  13. VK5HS
  14. VK5KC
  15. VK5NQP
  16. VK5HCF
  17. VK5FANA
  18. VK4FFAB
  19. VK2NEO/m
  20. VK2FMIA
  21. VK3FLMR/m

The following stations were worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK7BRY
  2. VK2EJP
  3. VK2YK
  4. VK5BJE
  5. ON4VT
  6. DL1EBR
  7. VK2HOG
  8. I5FLN
  9. 2E0JJM
  10. F2YT
  11. SP5INQ
  12. HA6OB
  13. DL5EBG
  14. EA4DTV
  15. ON1JU
  16. VK2NN/m
  17. F4FTA
  18. F4ELJ
  19. DJ3GG
  20. VK3IJB/5
  21. S58AL
  22. DJ8QP
  23. EA3MP
  24. G0KIK
  25. SP6KEP
  26. VK2IO
  27. DL4PT
  28. S52KM
  29. DL2ND
  30. K1MAA
  31. CU3AC
  32. G0RQL
  33. DF1YQ
  34. OP7M
  35. G3MWV
  36. VK3FD/6
  37. ZD7VC

4 thoughts on “Mylor Conservation Park VKFF-785

    • Thanks for staying out and returning to 40m so that I could get you in the log Paul.
      Things get tight when have to fit in 2 passions in an afternoon (I guess I need to get that Codan sorted and on the Prado) but will finish F Class season next week so can have a few Saturdays free.Thanks again mate Adrian VK5FANA

      • Thats fine Adrian. Glad I was able to help you out with a new park.

        It was mentioned at the recent WIA AGM in Canberra that a number of F calls are really leading the charge when it comes to Parks & SOTA, and you are certainly one of those.

        Thanks for calling me.



    • Thanks Chris,

      Yes, Bruce ZD7VC seemed to know Lyn quite well. In fact Col VK4CC got in contact with Lyn and she came and said hello to Bruce.



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