Some interesting portable QSL cards received

Here are a few interesting portable QSL cards I’ve received in the last couple of weeks.

The first is from the Zuid West Vlaamse Amateur Radio Club in BELGIUM.  They recently operated from the Tyne Cot cemetery.  I visited the cemetery last year in Jun 2014 during my Europe trip.  My good mates Marnix OP7M and Eddy ON6ZV took Marija and I all through Flanders Fields.  A very moving experience.


The second is from Inaki, EB2GKK who was operating from SOTA summit, Lapoblazion EA2/ NV-050 in SPAIN.


And the last is from Pedro NP4A in PUERTO RICO, who I have worked a few times now whilst I’ve been out portable (in Bullock Hill Conservation Park and Kenneth Stirling Conservation Park).


4 thoughts on “Some interesting portable QSL cards received

  1. Some nice graphics. Also an interesting post a while back on eQSL cards for portable operation. While I’m not much of a graphic artist I am hoping to get some cards going for future operations.

    • Hi Chris,

      There are plenty of overseas SOTA & Parks activators out there for the taking. I just keep an eye on SOTAWatch and also Hamspots.

      I love collecting QSL cards but hate writing them out and thats why I use Charles M0OXO as my QSL Manager. I can highly recommend him. A great service.

      I would love to send out a unique QSL card each time I do an activation, but I simply don’t have enough time. One op who does though, is Doug VK2FMIA who designs all his own unique QSL cards and they look great.

      Best 73 & ’44’,


      • G/DAY Paul
        It has been good working you on some of the SOTA and WWFF activations
        op7m MARNIX was my second 20 mtr contact when I upgraded from foundation
        call vk4fhyh to standard call vk4hns the contact was on 14-3-13
        Cheers NEIL 73

      • Howdy Neil,

        Good to get you in the log as well. Try to keep a track of what parks you have worked. You might have some wallpaper waiting for you.



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