Trip to the South East

On Thursday 4th June 2015 I headed down to the South East of South Australia, and returned home on Tuesday 9th June, 2015.  My destination was Mount Gambier where I attended the South East Radio Group (SERG) Convention and National Fox Hunting Championships.  This is the 51st year that the event has been held.

Whilst there I activated a number of South Australian National Parks and Conservation Parks as part of the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award, and World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF).  See below for more info. I had a great time at the SERG Convention.  On Saturday morning after my first park activation, I attended the Scout Hall in Margaret Street Mount Gambier, where I set up a display table promoting the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award and the WWFF.  On display I had a number of award certificates, my Yaesu FT-817nd, my Yaesu FT-857d, 44 amp hour power pack, LiFePo batteries, SLAB batteries, bothy bag, handheld GPS devices, solar panels, & antennas.  I also had a number of promotional handouts. DSC_0147 I occasionally snuck away to see if I could pick up a bargain from some of the traders.  Both private and commercial sellers were in attendance, including Ross from Strictly Ham.  There was plenty of good food on offer, with the kitchen always busy.  Foxhunting events were held all day on Saturday and Sunday.  And late on Sunday afternoon there was a very interesting presentation on Surface board mounting of components.  This was followed by the award presentations for the fox hunting events.  And finally, a dinner was held in the adjacent hall with soup, a choice of roast beef or roast chicken, followed by apple crumble. I highly recommend the SERG Convention to anyone who hasn’t attended.  Congrats to the SERG team for putting it all together.  I’ll mention a bit more about the Convention in other posts to follow.

And of course as I mentioned earlier, I also activated a few parks (17 in total) whilst in the area, including a joint activation with Alan VK5FAJS at the Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park on Monday.  It was very pleasing to pick a number of new ‘regular’ park hunters who have gained an interest in the VK5 Parks Award & WWFF.  And also some regular calls on 40m from Ken ZL4KD (even during the middle of the day).

Not all the activations went to plan.  There were a couple of parks I did not get to…Talapar and Mullinger Swamp.  This was due to a combination of the terrible weather (it was June in the South East after all) & not being able to access Talapar.  But I did sneak in some others.

Here are some stats from my activations………..

  • Total of 17 parks activated
  • 11 unique VK5 parks for me
  • 8 unique WWFF parks for me
  • Total of 751 contacts
  • about 1700 km driven over the 6 days
  • countries worked: VK, ZL, USA, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Israel, Hungary, England, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Canada.

Thursday 4th

  • Aberdour Conservation Park……….25 contacts
  • Christmas Rocks Conservation Park……….21 contacts
  • Naracoorte Caves National Park VKFF-380……….63 contacts

Friday 5th

  • Fairview Conservation Park……….36 contacts
  • Vivigani Ardune Conseervation Park……….35 contacts
  • Mary Seymour Conservation Park……….27 contacts
  • Big Heath Conservation Park VKFF-792……….45 contacts
  • Hacks Lagoon Conservation Park……….32 contacts

Saturday 6th

  • Penambol Conservation Park VKFF-802……….52 contacts

Sunday 7th

  • Ewens Ponds Conservation Park……….66 contacts
  • Piccanininnie Ponds Conservation Park……….35 contacts

Monday 8th

  • Telford Scrub Conservation Park VKFF-805……….63 contacts
  • Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park VKFF-804……….49 contacts
  • Nene Valley Conservation Park VKFF-801……….49 contacts

Tuesday 9th

  • Gower Conservation Park VKFF-798……….50 contacts
  • Calectasia Conservation Park……….30 contacts
  • Penola Conservation Park VKFF-803……….73 contacts

I will put some more info & photos up here over the coming weeks about each activation. Thankyou to everyone that called, and thanks to those who took the time to spot me on either parksnpeaks and/or the DX Cluster.  It really does help.

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