2 thoughts on “Pine Code Award

  1. Looking at Google+/Yahoo groups it seems there is an upsurge in the US with outdoor radio pursuits now they realise there is no need to climb a mountain (SOTA) everytime they go out. Congrats on waving the flag internationally!!!


  2. Hi Chris,

    Where do I start? Unfortunately there is very little WWFF activity in North America – USA, Canada, & Alaska (despite the fact that there are WWFF co-ordinators in each of those areas). This is a great shame.

    The National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event organised by the ARRL is completely autonomous to WWFF. Approaches have been made on the organisers of the NPOTA event by WWFF hierachy, but I am not sure there has been much co-operation.

    There are also various other park activity groups in North America, including The Great Outdoors Radio Club (GORC), and Parks on the Air (POTA). I have been in contact with those groups as well, advising them about WWFF.

    Certainly what has been shown by the 2016 NPOTA event, is that park activating seems to be very popular in the USA. What we need are some very keen and active co-ordinators to promote WWFF generally.



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