Today I designed my QSL card for my upcoming activation on Norfolk Island.  I used Powerpoint and saved the image as a PNG and forwarded it to Gennady UX5UO at UX5UO Print, who has been printing up my QSL cards for many many years.


Here is the rear of the card…….


6 thoughts on “VK9PAS QSL card

    • Howdy Chris,

      Yeh, thats the minimum order. I’ll never get that number of contacts whilst there this time. But its a good excuse to go back there, and maybe some of the other VK9 areas in the near future.

      Have a good night mate.

      Paul, VK5PAS.

  1. Hi Paul,
    I like the card and I wish I was able to get to Norfolk Island as well. A few years ago I thought about going. I couldn’t handle it now!
    I was teaching Criminology at the time and had an interest in the early penal history of Australia. Of course, Norfolk Island featured in that history both for good and bad reasons. I think your card is splendid and I hope you make a good dent in the 1000!

    John D

    • Hi John,

      The island has certainly got a very fascinating history. I was surprised to learn that it was initially also called Sydney way back in the 1780’s, when Governor Phillip sent the first convicts there.

      Marija and I look forward to having a good look around the island, and I plan to sneak in as much radio activity as possible.

      Enjoy your day,


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