Certificate of Appreciation

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Organising Committee for the 2017 WIA AGM & Convention which was held recently in Hahndorf.  All presenters on the Saturday afternoon were issued a Certificate of Appreciation, $50.00 cash, and a bottle of red.  Greatly appreciated.

The AGM & Convention was a huge success, all due to the sensational planning that went on behind the scenes in planning the event.

VK5PAS Certificate of appreciation 2017 WIA AGM.pngThe WIA Organising Committee consisted of:-

  • David VK5KC
  • John VK5BJE
  • Jim VK5TR
  • Shirley VK5YL
  • Stuart VK5STU
  • Roy VK5NRG
  • Grant VK5GR
  • Matt VK5ZM
  • David VK5KK
  • Ian VK5ZD
  • Joy Robbins
  • Daniel VK5DF


4 thoughts on “Certificate of Appreciation

  1. Hi Paul
    I am really glad you presented at the AGM. It was a great presentation. What we take for granted others marvel at: like the quick and easy preparation of your portable station. Thanks for being part of the event.
    John D

    • Thanks John,

      I think I’ve worn out my welcome now at WIA AGM’s. It’s the 2nd year I’ve presented on operating portable from parks. Thanks to you & the rest of the Organising Committee for asking me to deliver the presentation.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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