2017 John Moyle Memorial Field Day certificate

Yesterday I received my 1st place certificate for the 2017 John Moyle Memorial Field Day.  I made a total of 241 contacts with a score of 482 points.  I activated the Totness Recreation Park VKFF-1754 as part of the JMMFD.

Thanks to everyone who called and thankyou to the contest managers

You can read about my activation at……


VK5PAS JMMFD 2017.png

2 thoughts on “2017 John Moyle Memorial Field Day certificate

  1. Hi Paul,
    What a great effort and over three years. Congratulations. I am old enough to remember John Moyle. I used to subscribe to Radio and Hobbies and Radio TV and Hobbies and then Electronics Australia. I enjoyed John Moyle’s articles and the editorials. To use a recent cliche, ‘Radio was Magic’ then and there was only radio and TV didn’t come on the scene until November 1956 in Melbourne and Sydney and later around the rest of the country.
    A long time ago but only seems like yesterday.

    John D

  2. G’day John,

    This is a good fun little contest which I compete in each year, simply because of the portable aspect.

    I did research John Moyle in one of my previous posts. A very interesting gentleman. I was even contacted (via a post) by his grandson. Amazing who reads this WordPress site.


    Paul VK5PAS.

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