My Portable stats

Somebody asked me the other day “how many parks have you activated?”  I really didn’t know the answer, so over the past few week I have sat down and tallied up my stats for my park activations for the VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award, World Wide Flora & Fauna (WWFF), and the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA). And also the number of summits I have activated for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program. 

Below are the number of activations I have undertaken (since March 2013)…..

  • VK5 Parks Award – 398
  • WWFF- 364
  • KRMNPA – 47
  • SOTA – 127

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 5.47.29 pm.png

Many parks and summits I have activated 5 or 6 times over.

In the following posts I will record some statistics and highlights for each year since I started operating portable in March 2013.


3 thoughts on “My Portable stats

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the kind words. I can assure you it is really pleasing to see a lot of people out activating & chasing parks and having fun. Marija and I have been to some great places which we would not have visited had it not been for the parks programs.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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