VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1,025 certificate

Today I qualified for my latest VKFF certificate, the VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1,025 certificate.  The certificate is issued for having worked 1,025 different VKFF references.

Many thanks to all of the VKFF activators.

VK5PAS 1,025 VKFF Hunter Honour Roll.png

2 thoughts on “VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 1,025 certificate

    • Hi John,

      That horrible place starting with “W” has got in the way and prevented me from logging a lot of the activators. But I have certainly had a lot of fun hunting the VKFF activators over the years.

      The program has certainly exploded and it doesn’t take long to get from one level to the next nowadays.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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